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 Instrument for Development in Tripura


Mulberry leaf is the only food for silk worm. 4500 numbers beneficiaries are directly involved themselves in the sub-sidiary occupation since long back in the state and thereby trying to cross the poverty line as well as to have socio-economic status.

The above photograph is a mulberry garden owned by a beneficiary at her own land measuring 0.5 acre. By utilizing the leaves, through rearing, one could earn about Rs. 10,000 per annum.


A  Tribal beneficiary is seen in the photograph busy in nursing silk worm with mulberry leaves, plucked from her own plantation.

The healthy silk worms are about to go for spinning stages of cocoon.


End product of silk worm (Cocoon) is under boiling process, before reeling operation for collection of Golden Thread (raw material of silk fabrics).

Skilled reelers are seen engaged in production of silk yarn (golden thread) in highly sophisticated reeling machine in the Government reeling centre situated at Badharghat, West Tripura District.

The annual production of the unit is 6.00 metric Ton. The value of which is Rs. 60,00,000.00.

Silk yarn is being converted into fabrics in the form of sarees, Dress material through the handloom Cluster Co-operative Societies. The production base for conversion is being extended phase wise. At present about 30% yarn is being consumed for fabrics and the rest is sold outside.

The Tripura Apex Weavers Coop. Society Ltd., a Government of Tripura owned unit is involved in marketing of cocoons & silk yarn.

For detail information, please contact Director, Handloom, Handicrafts & Sericulture, Govt. of Tripura, Agartala (Fax-91-0381-225340) & Project Director, Tripura Women Sericulture Project, I.T.I. Road, Indranagar, Agartala (Fax-0381-224107).Go to top

Click here for slide show on sericulture products.